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Welcome to Little Angels Nanny Service, where for the past 23 years, we have been dedicated to understanding the paramount importance of providing exceptional care for your little ones. Established with a passion for nurturing and safeguarding the well-being of children, our company is a beacon of reliability and trust in the childcare industry. At Little Angels, we firmly believe in creating a secure and loving environment for your children to thrive, enabling you to pursue your professional and personal endeavors with unwavering peace of mind.

Our extensive experience in the field has allowed us to meticulously select and train a team of dedicated and experienced caregivers who uphold the highest standards of childcare. Whether you require part-time or full-time assistance, our nannies are not just caregivers; they are compassionate companions who engage, educate, and inspire your little angels. Little Angels Nanny Service is more than a childcare provider; we are a cornerstone in your journey of balancing family and career, fostering a foundation of love and support during your children's crucial early years. Trust Little Angels Nanny Service – a legacy of 23 years in the making – to be the extended family that your children deserve.

Meet The Founder

Hi, I’m Trisha Martin!

  • Owner of Little Angels Nanny Service
  • Married for 20 years
  • Mom of 4        
  • Soccer, cheerleader and theater mom
  • Loves all things coffee
  • Traveling is life
  • Working with amazing families and finding the perfect nannies is my passion.
Trisha was wonderful.
We had a great experience. ​We will definitely reach out on future visits.
— McGuire Family

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